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Besides the advantages described in EXAMPLES structured water brings more

efficiency in any business using water in their processes.

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  • Using structured water when boiling vegetables, grains, berries, pulses and other pre-cooked foods can bring energy savings between 5% and 9%, getting the same quality with less exposure time to the heat source (steam or hot water).
  • Structured water Improves fermentation processes.
  • Structured water increases the efficiency of dish washing by minimizing water consumption, cleaning products, water temperature and waste water thereby achieving important water and energy savings.
  • Adding structured water to sauces (especially hot sauces and sauces with high garlic content) delays oxidation preventing them from turning black (anti- oxidant effect). This also applies to all other preserves.

Food Industry

Nearly any technological process in the food industry can be improved with structured water.
  • Steam production is a common feature in the food industry usually generated using low pressure boilers (between 14 and 19 Kg/m2). Structured water can be used as sole external water treatment and conditioning when water hardness is below 350 mg/l of calcium carbonate, replacing the ion exchange devices (salt softeners). If water hardness is higher, the ion exchange unit will still be needed, but structured water can prevent corrosion even in high pressure boilers.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables with structured water before it is processed improves conservation, optimizes the milling process and seed separation.
  • Structured water is also used in autoclaves to avoid corrosion and improve the quality of condensed water that returns to boilers.
  • The structured water´s detergent effect can bring great benefits in general cleaning of equipment, conveyors, floors and industrial areas, improving the effect of detergents and cleaning agents.


In beer breweries structured water can offer the following benefits:
  • Boiling time reduction in wort mashing process. Resulting in higher efficiency of enzymes and hops.
  • Prevents lime scale build up in heat exchangers used in wort heat recovery after clarification process.
  • Improves the fermentation process making it more efficient, resulting in a higher alcohol content in beer. The yeast life cycle is augmented thus reducing strain addition.
  • Structured water increases efficiency of bottle washing by minimizing water consumption, cleaning products, water temperature and waste water, achieving important energy savings.
  • Same criteria for wort fermentation can be applied in other beverage industries, like wine and spirituous beverages.

Swimming Pools and Spas


Using structured water in indoor and outdoor pools removes and controls lime scale in the pool´s body and recycling circuit. It also prevents the spreading of microorganisms, stabilizes pH and ORP and controls Legionella and algae growth while reducing the use of chemicals necessary for their control by 20% to 50%. Other advantages are:

  • PH and ORP stabilisation reduces corrosion in water distribution pipelines, metallic parts, pumps and accessories in spite of the water´s high chlorine concentrations.
  • Structured water maintains sand, anthracite, and fibre in filtration systems in optimum condition delaying or even preventing degrading and hardening. There are also important water savings in backwashing of filters.
  • Reduced chlorine smell and irritation of skin, nasal membranes and eyes. The skin and hair feel soft even after being in the pool for a prolonged time.

The chemical reduction mentioned above should always be done in accordance with the recommendations by the public health authorities in order to fulfill the local and international standards.

Cooling equipment

  • In all water cooling equipment, such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, chillers, and heat exchangers, structured water guarantees the optimum heat exchange rate and transfer between the heat source and the cooling media.
  • Taking into account 1 mm of lime scale represents between 8% and 11% of heat transfer losses, preventing it can bring remarkable energy savings. Structured water prevents corrosion in the whole cooling system, mainly in galvanized parts and pieces with tendency for "white corrosion" or "white spots" due to zinc oxidation.

Construction industry

  • Structured water can play an important role in cement factories’ furnaces, cooling systems and with lime scale and corrosion control.
  • Using structured water in concrete mixtures can reduce the cement content in the blend. Better resistance results can be achieved even with less cement content in the mixture.  
  • It has been demonstrated that a higher compression resistance can be achieved even with 7% less cement (15% more resistance than the normal blend with untreated water).

Textile Industry and Printing

The properties of structured water facilitate the dyeing process in textiles and improve ink solution in printing.
  • Using structured water in the dyeing process of knitwear makes it easier and quicker and reduces the drying time, especially in the most complex colours such as black.
  • Improves the structure of textiles, mainly towels.
  • Using structured water in adiabatic systems for humidity control in loom rooms controls fibres content in the environment which might create accidents due to static friction of the fibres.
  • Water structuring devices can be inserted in all cooling systems associated with air conditioning and environmental relative humidity control.


Automotive Industry

Besides all cooling and air conditioning systems there are two more remarkable applications:
  • The use of structured water for cleaning metal and plastic pieces before painting processes has great benefits. Structured water frees surfaces from dirt particles quicker and drains faster, avoiding water marks due to non-uniformity of residual water.
  • In most cases hot water is used for this purpose. Using structured water can reduce temperature by 25% to 50% resulting in huge energy savings.  The time needed in drying tunnels is also reduced significantly adding even more savings to the process.
Structured water application in automatic and manual carwash stations shows the following advantages:
  • Structured water can substitute reverse osmosis equipment in the last rinse even with water hardness up to 350 mg/l calcium carbonate.
  • Savings in the use of detergents and other cleaning agents also improve wastewater quality.
  • Dirt on the bodywork is cleaned easier.
  • Improves and speeds up the drying of the body.

Dental Clinics

Using structured water in dental clinics improves the hygiene control:

  • Keeps the spittoon free from lime scale which is the cause for bad odours in the gypsum trap. (The clinic´s sink is an excellent environment for microorganism growth producing gases from blood and other residues and generating bad odours.)
  • Legionella growth is controlled in the aerators´ water in the drilling equipment.

Care homes

  • Deodorant effect in kitchen, baths and laundry.
  • Energy savings
  • Elderly people tend to drink more water
  • Better hydration and therefore better health condition altogether
  • Better skin and hair condition and less infections

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