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Higher Crop Yields

Crops yield 9 to 25 % higher than average with less use of fertilizers and pesticides. The produced crop is more organic.
Lettuce watered with untreated water versus lettuce watered with structured water
  • Structured Water enhances crop growth
  • Amount of chemicals used is reduced by 50 %
  • Cut lettuce sprayed with Structured Water extends the shelf life
  • Crops are more resistant to flooding and shallow temperatures

  • The strawberry plant has more flowers
  • Strawberries grow bigger and firmer
  • They have a longer shelf life
  • They taste better
  • They have a more intense red colour inside and outside
  • They donīt easily rot
Soy sprouts comparison
  • Yield is 11 % higher
  • Length of the sprout increases by 129 %; that is 2.3 times the length of the sprouts irrigated with untreated water
  • The plant's root system grows 43 %
  • The sprouts have greater consistency in dimension, weight and colour
  • The surface tension in the Structured Water drops 19 %, which speeds up the seed's absorption of the water and the growth of the sprout
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