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Effects on swimming pools

  • Removes and controls limescale in the pool´s body and recycling circuit.
  • Prevents the spreading of microorganisms, stabilizes pH and ORP and controls Legionella and algae growth while reducing the use of chemicals necessary for their control by 20% to 50%.
  • PH and ORP stabilisation reduces corrosion in water distribution pipelines, metallic parts, pumps and accessories in spite of the water´s high chlorine concentrations.
  • Maintains sand, anthracite, and fibre in filtration systems in optimum condition delaying or even preventing degrading and hardening. There are also substantial water savings in backwashing of filters.
  • Reduced chlorine smell and irritation of the skin, nasal membranes and eyes. The skin and hair feel soft even after being in the pool for a prolonged time.

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