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Effects on animal breeding

  • Better metabolisation of feeds and its conversion into meat
  • Lower animal mortality in early ages
  • Lower incidence of common diseases
  • Milk quantity and quality improvement in dairy livestock
  • Smell reduction in manure
  • Higher efficiency in animal waste treatment
  • Smell reduction and higher hygiene in stables and yards cleaned regularly with Structured Water
  • Anaerobic processes in liquid manure change into aerobic
  • Animal waste converts into bio-fertilizer
Cattle Breeding

After adding Structured Water to the animalīs feed

  • Feed consumption per 0.75 kg daily weight gain reduced from 3.13 kg to 2.89 kg (8%)
  • Cattle matured an average of 10 to 14 days earlier
Poultry Breeding
Four groups of turkeys in their second growth phase
  • Two groups were fed with untreated water, two with Structured Water.  
  • Animal feed was the same for both groups.
  • Increase of animal’s weight with no meat quality loss
  • 30% decrease in animal mortality (from 4.3% to 3.0%) 
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