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Prevents lime scale and corrosion

Structured Water prevents and removes corrosion and limescale build-up on surfaces, allowing the dissolved solids to be carried along with the water or removed through purging the system in cooling towers, boilers, water distribution networks, sanitary hot water systems, and other heat exchange processes.

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  • Keeps conduits free from limescale, rust, and biofilms, the perfect environment for microbes.
  • Longer life for equipment and piping systems.
  • Old installations can be cleared, avoiding high maintenance and new investments costs.
  • Restores distribution network capacity and heat exchange index in a short time.
  • Structured Water prevents corrosion (red rust and "white corrosion") through very fast oxidation that creates an isolating coat of magnetite (Fe3O4, black rust).
Exchanger before treatment
Exchanger after treatment
Released sediments
Loosened lime scale deposits
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