La Estructura Natural del Agua

Agua Estructurada... ecológica, eficiente, viable y sostenible.


¿Qué es la estructuración de agua?

En el agua estructurada las moléculas están organizadas en un patrón...


About us

Who we are | Mision and Vision

We are UK based company with a small team of people who are passionate about water, the environment and ecological cost-reducing technologies.

Our MISSION is to facilitate access to pure water with a life-supporting structure as intended by nature to every living being on our planet, so it may increase its resilience in any circumstance, for next generations to be able to still enjoy nature and a healthy life.

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What is structured water?

In Structured water the H2O molecules are arranged in an ordered, consistent, geometrical pattern, like in solid crystals. Therefore we can refer to structured water as crystalline water.



Applications for Hospitality, Food Industry, Swimming Pools and Spas, Cooling equipment…

Business Solutions


Drinking water, Washing and cleaning, Food and beverages, House plants, Appliances...

Residential Solutions


Structured water provides qualitative and quantitative benefits in agriculture. Agriculture, Poultry and Livestock, Fish Farming...

Farming Solutions


Irrigation systems, mainly droppingsystems, keep its original efficiency, avoiding obstructions in droppers and sprayers created by calcium and magnesium deposits.

Landscaping Solutions

Hexagonal Series

Hundreds of vortexes merge generating extremely amplified implosion energy. Thousands of hexagonal pieces inside the device liberate negative ions from the re-structured stainless steel they are made from.

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Ceramic Series

La tecnología Ceramic consiste en un cilindro 100% de acero inoxidable SUS 304 relleno de diferentes tipos de esferas cerámicas y de silicio mono-cristalino de grado electrónico con una pureza de 11N (= 99.99999999999 % silicio puro).

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Effects on swimming pools

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